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Thrilling Announcement!

A lot has happened since my last post! It has been a very busy summer and fall since the 2023 Field Season ended, with archival research trips to The Hague, Amsterdam, London, Oxford, and Accra and several weeks digging and data collecting at Kormantin, Ghana, as we reveal the footprint of England's first fort in West Africa (1638).  While I have been teaching, traveling, and winding up my NEH Digital Kormantin project, my Rochester ATHS Data Elves (Skylar, Megan, Aleksi, and Chloe) have been hard at work doing database input on the 450 contexts we had inventoried but not digitized from 2022 and 2023. We are closing in on having everything entered over Spring Break in March as I double-check items at the Globe Museum Archaeology Lab and hopefully work with Bermudian volunteers. And then the fun begins - analysis and spatial distribution pattern queries in GIS! Our big announcement is... SIAP HAS JUST ACQUIRED ITS OWN GROUND PENETRATING RADAR!! The April 2022 GPR survey with David G

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