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Archaeology at the Globe Museum - Digital and Actual, Part I

  The University of Rochester Spring Break fieldwork week started with some bumps and bruises - several students were delayed several days getting to Bermuda (thanks, DELTA!) and over the week we had up to gale-force winds, which made getting to and from our homes on Paget Island both wet and challenging. A total of 20 students (and my boss, History Department Chair Ruben Flores) did an amazing amount of work in a mere week's time despite various hiccups, curve-balls, rainstorms, and invasions, and I am enormously grateful to each and every one of them for their work, patience, and good spirits - Sophia, Clarice, Dariel, Ruben, Paola, Elvis, Matt, Andrew, Skylar, Megan, Tara, Fagaye, Natasha, Nora, Cameron, Lizzy, Katie, and (not pictured) Megan, Isabel, Keegan, and Mary. It was a truly packed week of creative chaos and improvisation in terms of research, education, and living conditions. We stayed at the Bermuda Government camp facility on Paget Island and enjoyed very lively comm

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