Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rain Day

Friday's weather was awful - woke to strong gusts and our workboat rocking off the dock. Given the wind direction, I opted to take an involuntary early morning swim after I took off the stern line to let her swing at the mooring only from the bow - and had to swim back to shore as a result.

Drenching rain all day was not great for the cause of archaeology, but Bermudians were very happy, since the rain water is caught on their roofs and used to fill their by-now-quite-low water tanks (the island is about 30 inches of rainfall below typical - can you say "climate change"?). Charlotte, Becca, Linda, and I productively used the time to re-bag all the artifacts recovered in the 2010 Smiths Island dig, though, and I fixed a broken sifter for use at CHB site.

This morning has dawned calm enough to go out, so GAME ON!

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