Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How Not to Get To Work

So, today (Tuesday) dawned with 20 to 30 knot winds and whitecaps in the harbour. I was ready to call the day off, but Geoffrey said he'd been out in much worse and it was manageable. Just getting onto the workboat was a feat, though, involving nestling up on the lee side of Red Barracks dock and leaping aboard. The motor over to Convict Bay was wet with a following wind but the fun really started after the students were aboard and we cruised across Town Harbour with 3-4 foot waves hitting us broadside and the wind dousing us with spray. I took a big bow wave full frontal and got soaked. And with the frequent rain squalls all day, I never really got dry!

Good thing we brought out a huge tarp and rigged it up like an enormous tent over the whole site - kept us dry and in the shade all day. Quarin learned the hard way, though, that when she pops a puddle off the tent roof, it flows downhill and into her unit...

Much of the day was spent cleaning up the stone floor to define the borders of the features cutting into it, but we also laid out new squares outside and behind the house on the hill and also within the hearth and oven.

We specially arranged to have this unit at Leigh's chest height so she could dig standing up :-)

 By the end of the day, the wind had died, the harbour was relatively flat and the sun had come out. We got home dry and then washed all the cool stuff we had found the day before. Tomorrow may be a bit rainy, but now we have a roof and the boat ride over should be much drier!

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