Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arrgh! Hating a storm named Debbie...

OK, I know all this wind isn't Debbie's fault - she's not even a tropical depression now and too far away from Bermuda to blame, but it's very frustrating being able to SEE Smiths Island and not get there to get the last couple of days of work done. But 30 kt. winds and whitecaps in the harbour will keep Geoffrey's boat at its mooring. Maybe I can swim out across The Narrows... it's only 50 feet!

In the mean time, I've been playing tourist. On Monday, the family and I went to the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo at Flatts - excellent and much better than I remember it from 15 years back. The Madagascar section is really good and lets you get up close and personal with lemurs like the one above. The flamingoes are nesting in an explosion of pink and noise.

On Tuesday we wandered through St. George's, visiting the World Heritage Center and watching the Ducking of the Gossip at King's Square.

 My daughter Katie went fishing for the first time ever (with a bright pink Barbie fishing rod I got at Arnolds) off Red Barracks' dock - and caught EIGHT fish in 30 minutes. One was even a keeper, and went into a Thai red curry I made that night.

Today we went to Dockyard to bring Kristina her wayward suitcase (too big for Bermuda bus drivers to allow on their buses, so had to go by ferry). She was happy to get it and seems to be thriving, putting together dozens of Iberian jars from a late 16th c. shipwreck.

 Lunch at the Frog and Onion (of course!) and much shopping followed.

I spent a quiet night with a burnt-out Katie while everyone else went to a very soggy Harbour Night in Hamilton. Couldn't even fish because of the rain! 

Cross your fingers and hope the wind blows itself out by Saturday!

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