Sunday, May 27, 2012

Safe Arrivals and Shopping

So it's Sunday night and the dig starts tomorrow. I've been to the airport a lot these past two days collecting students from hither and yon (thanks Stephen and Margie for playing taxi driver!) and settling them in at Convict Bay. I've also been doing a fair bit of shopping for them, which involves transcending the shock (to an American) that is buying groceries in Bermuda. I could stomach $5 orange juice and milk and even $3.50 small bags of chocolate chips (since we have several bakers among the students), but I balked at $20 per bottle for olive oil! I did really enjoy getting back on a scooter again, so didn't really mind the shuttles between St. George's, St. David's, and Shelly Bay.

As the students settled in and sorted themselves among rooms and spaces, the afternoon took on the surreal feel of a reality TV set. They are all pretty amazing and adventuresome, which bodes very well for the weeks to come. Over dinner, one revealed her secret identity over the past 3 years - she was the U of R's Yellow Jacket mascot, sworn to secrecy never to tell. Now that she's graduated, though, and passed on the very warm outfit to a successor, she could divulge the truth to us (but I won't divulge her name to you...). Kristina bravely relieved several hens of their eggs in Mike S's experimental farm by Red Barracks, along with two goose eggs (not sure if these are edible or how to cook them!).

8 am will roll around pretty soon, so I'll let the tree frogs serenade me to sleep and dream of postholes and surrey borderware sherds.

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